Find Your Niche!

Have you ever heard the term..the riches are in the niches?

It's true.
Many bodyworkers make the mistake of trying to be a one size fits all business and quickly get lost in the mix.

Why not learn how to stand apart from the rest?

This course is designed to help you define who you are in your business and what value you bring to your clientele.

By defining a niche you will create a powerful platform for attracting clients. It also attracts the clientele that you want to work with so it’s a win-win all around.

When you have the courage to be different you can own a niche

Here's What You'll Learn in This Course

  Module 1
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  Module 2: Course Articles
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  Module 3
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  Module 4
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Ready to get help in finding your niche?

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Meet Your Instructor

Meghan Brady

Armed with extensive knowledge of human and equine movement, in addition to the psychology behind successful equestrian partnerships, I offer comprehensive bodywork, rider biomechanics and fitness services for both horse and rider. I travel throughout the United States providing consultations, training, and bodywork for a wide range of riding disciplines and for both individual riders and equestrian facilities.

In my work as an equine body worker, massage therapist, trainer, rider and founder of the Equestrian Travel Association, I realized I was providing nearly as much career coaching as I was my other work! A recent injury gave me the time off I needed to think about expanding my own career and look at where I want to be. So, I’ve formed this coaching business to formally offer my services to everyone and let them benefit from my expertise in numerous equestrian areas.